The "Search Boxer" Screen

The button that looks likes a magnifying glass is where you hunt for new boxers in your stable. You can have up to six at a time, and you'll need new ones here and there. Your reputation, however, will dictate who you can and cannot sign. Nobody wants to fight for a manager they've never heard of, you're going to need some wins under your belt before the better boxers will look your way.

The first time you go in you see a list of every boxer out there, 125 pages worth. This needs to be refined quite a bit so you can find a boxer who will fit into your plan. There are two kinds of searches you can do; either by skill or statistics. I usually go for statistics, because you can then switch and see what their statistics are without searching again.

By skill is easy. Set a minimum for each category and off you go. It will not reflect potential, but where they are today. Checking off the "Free boxers only" will limit to boxers who are free agents, they are shown in blue on the right. Boxers with a manager already are in green. You can steal boxers, but you have to offer a pretty good contract to make it worth their while. The "Interested boxers" will limit to guys who think you might be a good manager for them, which can include ones with a manager already. Of course without a reputation no one is interested, and it takes winning to get the reputation you need. Later on as your get a good reputation, it will be easier to land good boxers.

Searching by statistics changes the scope a little bit. Here you can look in a certain weight lass and specify the ages you're looking for. You can also choose how many fights he has won or lost with KOs. So if you're looking for a boxer of a certain age, you use the statistic search. By clicking back over to the skill search their skills will be shown without needing another search, so you can find out their age, record, and raw skills with ease.

Clicking on a boxer will show approximations of his skills and potential on the left side, like this:

The red bars show where he's at now in skill, and the blue bars where you think his potential is. The less scouting skill you have, the more optimistic you'll be about his potential, and often you'll find he doesn't have nearly the ceiling you thought he did. The bars are kind of relative, if you compare numbers on the right with the bars, you'll notice that high numbers don't always mean high bars, so you have to check things carefully.

Once you pick out a boxer you like, you have to convince him that it's worth his while to sign with you. You do so by offering a duration in years, as well as his percentage of fight purses. Longer contracts are more likely to be accepted as they provide security, and of course more money is welcomed. You can offer up to 5 years and 50% of the shares, but usually shares are below 20% if you have at least some negotiating skill. In this case I might as well not even bother trying to sign the boxer. He's a decent fighter, and I have no reputation.

It's pretty rare that you'll pull a young boxer with no fights under his belt, but it can happen. Most of the time they have at least a few fights to their name, and the older they are the more they're likely to have.

You'll pretty much be stuck with your starting boxers for a while. If you can sign someone, it won't be a fighter with a high ceiling, but he'll at least be able to go out and fight hopefully. The toughest part of the game is getting a decent record without a lot of money. Once you have the record and your reputation rises, you'll be able to get good boxers and then it's a matter of finding potential world champions.

Types of Boxers

When you're choosing a new boxer to sign, there are three basic types that you will find. You'll find guys that just plain don't have it, so they're no-hoper's. You sign them, they'll win a few fights, but they just don't have the talent to be good and will lose plenty too .

Workhorses are much better for you when you can sign one. They are usually a bit older but have already developed some skills, at least in the 30's to 40's. When you sign a free-agent boxer, he will always start in the 90's for rank. If his skills are as good as someone ranked in the 50's, for instance, he'll be able to win fights and move up in rank, giving you higher purses. A couple workhorses will give you steady cash flow while you develop world champions.

And of course you have guys who are potential champions, diamonds in the rough who need your expert guidance. Usually you're looking at 16-18 year olds who don't have a lot of skills yet, but have a lot of potential. You groom them carefully and by their late 20's they are at the top of the heap.