The Load and Save Screen

You can't complete a nice career in a night, so you're going to need to be saving your game. The last button up top is the door, where you can load and save at will. Choose a slot and save so you can come back next time where you left off.

As I mentioned back at the beginning, you should use different names for careers so you don't mix them up, or put them in slots far apart so you keep them separated. That's what I've done here:

boxing game load/save

Your save files are stored in the Application Data on a Windows machine – in XP you'll find it in c:\documents and settings\(Your User Name)\application data\Universal boxing manager. The files are named Slot0 through Slot9. It's easy to grab a saved game and transport to another computer, copying and pasting will do you fine. On a Mac I am not aware of the procedure at this time, as I do not own a Mac.

While all the essential stuff is saved, when you open a game up again you'll find that your options are reset on fight night. Not a big thing, but you'll want to check your strategies and styles before starting the first round.

You can quit to the main menu from the Load and Save menu, or if you aren't playing full screen mode you can X out at anytime, including in the middle of a fight if the boss is coming. You'll lose whatever you had done since the last save, but at least you can exit the game easily.