The Finances Screen

If you click the gold coins at the top of the screen you will switch to the financial management. On the left you control the training equipment, doctor, and sponsorships, while on the right you can check your balance sheets.

Your income is mostly made up of fight purses and sponsorships, although popular boxers will make a little bit from their fan clubs. "Various" refers to miscellaneous income, usually through an anonymous donation. Expenditures are mostly with your training equipment, doctors, and the fighter's share of purses, although there is miscellaneous expense as well.

Using the buttons you can see your income and expenditure, and the profit/loss button will let you know if you're financially stable or going down the drain.

Here's what the financial screen looks like:

boxing game finances

If you click the left or right arrows by the words "Training Equipment" you will cycle to the Health Care and Advertising and back again. The left and right arrows by the words "Amateur Kit" cycle through the options for whatever section you are in, in this case the training equipment.

Training Equipment

Your training equipment follows a logical order: The more you spend, the better your boxers will train. The Amateur Kit is very cheap but skills will be gained at an agonizing pace. Your other options in order are the Professional Kit, Deluxe Kit, and Champion Kit.

Warning: The prices get exponential as you go higher with training equipment. Overspending on it is the quickest way to find yourself on the street without a job, so make sure you can afford the equipment that you buy. Your monthly costs will also go up if you sign a new boxer, so make sure you know how much you're spending. The same goes for Health Care.

Health Care

Your boxers would be in serious trouble without a doctor working the corner during a fight. They will keep him patched up and in the best shape possible, but they come at a price. The Standard Doctor is the cheapest, followed by the Specialist, and the Health Clinic makes sure you have the best of the best.

In my opinion spending extra on a doctor is worthless, I find you can manage their health reasonably well without using the higher-priced guys. At the very least stick with the standard doctor until you're on your feet financially.


In advertising all you have to do is cycle through your fighter's names and see if anyone has offered them a sponsorship this month. If one is offered take it without trying to get a better offer, even if it's low money and low months. By the time you get another offer you'll have missed out on whatever money was already offered. If a boxer has a advertising deal going already, he won't be able to get another until the current one expires. The more popular the boxer, the more offers he'll get. Add your negotiating skill and hopefully you'll be getting good prices as well. Sponsorship is a beautiful supplement to the purses you'll be getting and can sometimes hold you over when you have fewer fights going from month to month.

Fighters never get an offer until you've had them at least a month, but they will start adding to your expenses immediately.