The Rankings Screen

At the top the fourth button over takes you to the rankings section where you get to arrange your fights. You will need to choose your fights carefully or risk your fighter's career as well as your own. Matchmaking is everything, you need to pick out fights that your boxer has at least a reasonable chance of winning, or the only satisfaction you will get is your paltry paycheck. Winning is everything; money, prestige, and world champions won't happen if you can't put winners in the ring.

It's hard to describe the button to go to the rankings screen so I've put the mouse cursor over it so you can pick it out easily:

boxing game rankings

You can cycle through the weight classes if you wish by clicking the left and right arrows where you see the word "Strawweight". It's easier to simply cycle though your boxers underneath "Select one of your boxers". You set up a potential fight with a boxer by clicking on his name on the right side. Your boxer is highlighted in red, and the one you have clicked on is highlighted in green.

You are allowed to challenge boxers up to five places above yours in ranking. If you are challenging someone ranked lower than you, I've found that you can go to about seven places.

When you click on a potential opponent, his name and stats will come up on the left side underneath "Versus". Their won/lost record doesn't really matter to you, but their skills do! You will notice that there are four question marks in place of numbers for Goce Mise. The question marks are a reflection of your scouting ability. Less scouting ability means more question marks and potentially dangerous opponents for your boxers.

The potential fight with Goce Mise is a dangerous one because of how little I know about him. He might have low values and be a pushover, but he might be too much for my boxer. Check the boxers around to see if you have a fight that your boxer has a reasonable chance of winning.

If you can't find a good fight and can afford to skip a month, it might be a good idea. In a month's time your fighter will gain a little skill and the fighters around him might change. Your scouting can also change a bit from month to month, so next month you might be able to see that a potential opponent really is a smart move for you as one of the question marks becomes a real number. Sometimes, though, you have no choice but to get a fight because you need to pay the bills.

You don't find out how much money a fight will make you until you have given it the go-ahead, nor will you know how many rounds it will last. The lower the ranking, the less money you will receive, and usually it is for fewer rounds. You will actually care about the number of rounds, because some boxers do better in long fights and some do better in shorter. Once a fight is under contract you will pay a fee to back out by clicking "Cancel", so you don't want to mess up unless you're rolling in the dough. You can schedule fights for several months in advance, although I much prefer doing it this month to keep things moving.

As long as you keep them healthy, your fighters can fight every month until they reach the top 10 in ranking. Reality says this won't happen, eventually they'll wear down and need a rest. The top fighters can only fight about 3 times a year, but by then you'll be pulling in very nice purses to make up for it.

You want to find fights where your fighter's strengths will exploit the opponent's weaknesses. Many times a weak chin is the best target, but sometimes a slow boxer is a good one if yours is quick. It takes some time to learn the perfect combinations. If your boxer is in all ways better than an opponent, grab him and you'll probably get an easy victory.

Over to the bottom right you can cycle through the pages of boxers in the current weight class, there are 5 pages for each class going up to the champion. If you look through the top 10 fighters you can get an idea of what it will take for your boxer to become one. Because of the tendencies according to weight, you may discover that a very light boxer with only 60 for power can dominate the division, whereas a heavyweight without power of at least 85 will fall short. It takes a while to learn the numbers, and each game you start will have slight variations in the top guys. You'll need this kind of information when you're scouting out new fighters, but that's more advanced.