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Welcome to Universal Boxing Manager!

UBM is a new boxing game that will let you take the role of a boxing manager.

You'll be able to look for new talents, hire already famous boxers, and of course train them as you like.

From the starting menu, you can choose to start a new game, creating a custom manager, or have a quickstart into the game (the computer will auto-generate a random manager for you).

Of course if you want to have full control on what will happen in the game is better to create your manager by hand. The Manager Creation Screen does exactly that.

The Manager Creation

You'll be able to choose your manager name, his nationality, his age and his starting skills.

The manager's age reflects his experience in the field and savings: a young manager will start with few boxers and cash, but can have a longer career, while an older one will have more starting boxers and cash but a shorter career.

The various skills you can assign to the manager and their effect on the game are explained in the game itself.

boxing game
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